domingo, 17 de julio de 2011

John Cale / Pushing the Boundaries of the Avant Garde Noise

New EP "Extra Playful" Announced From John Cale

Posted by Barnaby Smith on 17th July, 2011

Avant-garde provocateur and former member of the Velvet Underground, the great John Cale, has announced the release of a new five-track EP.

TheLineOfBestFit reports that the 69-year-old Welshman will put out the new EP on September 19 through Double Six Records with the title of Extra Playful.

Cage’s last album proper was 2005′s Black Acetate, a bleak record that was nevertheless a heartening return to form. Cale also released a three-CD live album in 2007, Circus Live.

The tracklisting for Extra Playful EP is:


-Whaddya Mean By That?

-Hey Ray

-Pile A L’Heure


John Cale - Walking The Dog (Live) - From Circus Live (2007)

John Cale - Hey Ray - From Extra Playful (EP 2011) - Live at ESECTV - Portugal